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Hi! I’m Mr. Pratt!  Welcome to my class!  Here’s a bit about myself:


I am a fairly recent transplant to the Tooele Area. From childhood until 2015, I resided in Davis County. I went to elementary school at Cook Elementary where I was a member of the Spectrum program, a program for gifted students. I took up many extracurricular activities through my schooling. I was a member of our football team as well as a two-time state placer in wrestling. Maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 3.9, I was awarded the Academic All-State  my senior year. I graduated top 5% of my class from Clearfield High School in 2001.


I was an active member of the Boy Scouts of America. I spent a majority of my high school Mondays and several weekends throughout the year participating in scouting activities. I was able to achieve the highest rank of Eagle Scout.


Another pastime of mine was my involvement with a community theater, the Terrace Plaza Playhouse. I spent countless hours participating in more than fifty shows. A few of my favorite roles were Asher in Joseph and the Amazing  Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Daniel in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. With more than 15 years experience on the stage, I decided to broaden my theatrical experiences by taking up the technical side of it as well. I was the adviser for the tech crew at the Syracuse Arts Academy. I also worked with Clearfield and Syracuse cities on a few of their productions.


I am a graduate from Weber State University's Elementary Education Program. I graduated back in December of 2008 and have been teaching ever since. I am a nerd, in all aspects: I love technology, I am a Marvel fanboy, I am currently rereading the Harry Potter series, I am a gamer, and I have even taken to Pokemon Go. Lots of good family time has been spent hunting Pokemon. I am married with two beautiful children. Basically, I am living the dream. Through seven years of college and about as many degree changes, I have achieved my dream job in Education. I am in a job where I feel how much I make doesn’t matter because I make a difference, and that’s far more important.


Here's a fun little spotlight from my class. As part of obtaining my technology endorsement, I created a lesson based around a virtual reality tour of the water cycle.  The Utah Education Network decided to do a UEN PDTV episode of it:



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