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                Pencil Box or Pouch

                Highlighters (at least 3 colors)

                2 - Composition Notebooks

                2 – Pocket Folders


For class supply:

                Small Dry Erase Markers (approx.. 4)

                Sharpies (approx. 2)

                Pencils (1 or 2 boxes)

                Pencil Top Erasers (1 or 2 boxes)

                Glue sticks (approx.. 4)

                Lined Paper (1-3 packages)


                Hand Sanitizer


                Colored Pencils




Wish List: (Not required)

                Small Prizes for Prize Box

                White Printer Paper

                Construction paper/other types of art paper

                Zip lock bags (quart and gallon)

                Large Dry Erase Markers

                White Elmer’s Glue

                Extra Pencils

                Extra Small Dry Erase Markers

                Extra Sharpies