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Utah Math Core Curriculum


Topics by Standard

 Numbers and Operations Base Ten Numbers and Operations - Fractions

 Place Value

Read and Write Multi-digit Numbers

Compare Numbers

Order Numbers

Use Place Value to Round

Addition Properties and Subtraction Rules

Addition and Subtraction Patterns

Add and Subtract Mentally

Estimate Sums and Differences

Add Whole Numbers

Subtract Whole Numbers

Subtract Across Zeros

Relate Multiplication and Division

Relate Division and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division Rules

The Associative Property

Multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000

Round to Estimate Products

Multiply by a Two-Digit Number

Distributive Property

Multiply with Regrouping

Multiply by a Multidigit Number

Multiply Across Zeros

Multiply by Tens

Estimate Products

Using the Distributive Property to Multiply

Multiply by a Two-Digi Number

Make a Table (Multiplication)

Divide by Multiples of 10, 100, and 1,000

Estimate Quotients

Use Place Value to Divide

Divide with Remainders

Interpret Remainders

Partial Quotients

Divide Greater Numbers

Quotients with Zeros

 Equivaent Fractions

Simplest Form

Compare and Order Fractions

Benchmark Fractions

Mixed Numbers

Improper Fractions

Add Like Fractions

Subtract Like Fractions

Add Mixed Numbers

Subtract Mixed Numbers

Subtraction with Regrouping

Multiply Fractions with Whole Numbers



Decimals and Fractions

Use Place Value to Add Fractions

Use Models to Add Fractions

Compare and Order Decimals




 Measure Perimeter

Measure Area

Relate Perimeter and Area

Points, Lines, and Rays

Parallel and Perpendicuar

Classify Angles

Measure Angles

Draw Angles



Other Shapes

Lines of Symmetry



Operations and Algabraic Thinking


Measurement and Data 

Multiplication as a Comparison

Compare to Solve Problems

Factors and Multiples (3 & 8)

Nonnumeric Patterns

Numeric Patterns


Additon and Subtraction Rules

Multiplication and Division Rules

Order of Operations

Equations with Two Operations

Prime and Composite Numbers

 Customary Units of Length

Convert Customary Units of Length

Customary Units of Capacity

Convert Customary Units of Capacity

Customary Units of Weight

Convert Customary Units of Weight

Convert Units of Time

Line Plots

Metric Units of Length

Metric Units of Capacity

Metric Units of Mass

Convert Metric Units