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This Week: 12/9-12/13





Monday - Three Native Nations 32-39

Tuesday - Three Native Nations 40-46

Wednesday - Learning a New Language

Thursday - Three Native Nations Selection Test

Friday - Library


Monday - The Verb to Be
               Research Holiday


Tuesday - To Be Past and Present

               Prewrite Holiday

Wednesday - Type Holiday Essay

Thursday - Finish Holiday Essay

Friday - 

The students have taken a baseline
assessment and have been put into
groups as shown on the spelling tab. 
From now on, they will take their test
and be given the next lesson on the
days listed below:

Yellow Arrows - Tuesday

Green Owls - Wednesday

Red Pandas - Thursday


Monday - Test Corrections

               Factors and Multiples

               Math Homework

Tuesday - Order of Operations

               Prime and Composite Numbers

Wednesday - Equivalent Fractions

Thursday - Equations with Multiple Operations

               Simplest Form

Friday - Water Vans

               Math Homework Due


 Science Homeroom 

Monday - Why We study weather, how it affects us

               Bill Nye Storms

Tuesday - Is Air there? Demonstrations

Wednesday - Specials

Thursday - Is Air There Prewrite

Friday - Water Vans


My homeroom now rotates to Mrs. Forsyth's classroom,

and I am teaching Mrs. Bulkley's class.


Monday - USE #7: American Indian Chiefs

Tuesday - USW #7 Worksheet

Wednesday - Specials

Thursday - Research a Tribe

Friday - Utah Opera Assembly