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This Week: September 26-30





Monday - Lunch Money Ch. 20


Tuesday - L.M. Ch. 21

Wednesday -  L.M. Ch. 22

Thursday - L.M. Ch. 23

Friday - L.M. Ch. 24

Monday - 


Tuesday - Sentences with Clauses

           Comic Strips


Wednesday - Run-on Sentences

          Create a comic strip

Thursday - Comic Books

          Chunky Comic Prewrite

Friday - Make Chunky Comic

For spelling, I use a program called Words Their Way.  After giving the students the pretest, I have placed them in groups.  We will practice all in class all five days and each group will test a different day of the week. Here is the list of test days with the group names as they were created by the students:


Tues. - Disco Owl Society

Wed. - Nobody's Pandas

Thu. - Blue Penguins


For a list of spelling words and a list of first names for who is in which group, click the link below or the Spelling Tab to the side:


Spelling Lists


Monday - Math Talk with Mrs. Christensen / YouCubed Practice

Tuesday -  Math Talk with Mrs. Christensen / YouCubed Practice


Wednesday - Representation of a Fraction p.2

Thursday -  Same Denominator or Numberator


Friday - Same Size / Related Sizes

 Science Homeroom 

Monday - Circumpolar Constellations


Tuesday - Winter Constellations


Wednesday - What is a Constellation?

Thursday - Constellations Moving

Friday - Rotations


Monday - Map Features

Tuesday - Zoom in on Utah

Wednesday - 4th Grade Activity

Thursday - Calendar: February


Friday - Rotations