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This Week: 9/23 - 9/27





Monday - Unit 1 Benchmark Passage 1

Tuesday - Unit 1 Benchmark Passage 1

Wednesday - RJ 59-60

Thursday - 

Friday -  No School


Monday - Possessive Nouns



Tuesday - Prewrite Volcanos

Wednesday - Type Essay

Thursday - Finish Essay


Friday - No School

The students have taken a baseline
assessment and have been put into
groups as shown on the spelling tab. 
From now on, they will take their test
and be given the next lesson on the
days listed below:

Yellow Arrows - Tuesday

Green Owls - Wednesday

Red Pandas - Thursday


Monday - Equal Fractions

               Use Place Value to Multiply

               Homework Packet

               Test Corrections

Tuesday - Equal Fractions

               Use Models to Multiply

Wednesday - Whole number as a fraction


Thursday - Whole number as a fraction

               Multiply by a two-digit number

               Homework Packet Due

Friday - No school


 Science Homeroom 

Monday - Weather Practice Sheets

Tuesday - Clouds

               Cloud Sort

Wednesday - Specials

Thursday - Tools of a Weatherman 

Friday - No School


Monday - Creat Salt Dough Maps

Tuesday - Utah Studies Week 4

Wednesday - Specials

Thursday - USW4 Worksheet

Friday - No school