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Next Week: 12/2-12/6






Monday - Three Native Nations 4-9


Tuesday - Three Native Nations 10-17


Wednesday - Three Native Nations 18-25


Thursday - Three Native Nations 26-31


Friday - Three Native Nations 32-39


Monday - Review Three Paragraph Essay



Tuesday - Best Pet Prewrite

               Irregular Verbs


Wednesday - Type Best Bet


Thursday - Finish, revise, and Edit Essay


Friday - The Verb to Be

The students have taken a baseline
assessment and have been put into
groups as shown on the spelling tab. 
From now on, they will take their test
and be given the next lesson on the
days listed below:

Yellow Arrows - Tuesday

Green Owls - Wednesday

Red Pandas - Thursday



Monday - Two-Digit Multiplication

               Divide Greater Numbers

               Homework Assigned


Tuesday - Two digit Multiplying

               Quotients with Zeros


Wednesday - Dividing Review

               Solving Multi-step Problems


Thursday - Chapter review


Friday - Chapter Test

               Homework Due



 Science Homeroom 

Monday - What You Know About Weather


Tuesday - Weather Vocab Cards


Wednesday - Specials


Thursday - Weather Vocab Cards


Friday - What is Weather

               Normal vs. Severe Weather

               Magic School Bus: Kicks Up a Storm


Monday - American Indian Storytelling and Drawing


Tuesday - American Indian Storytelling and Drawing


Wednesday - Specials


Thursday - Share Stories


Friday - Ute Snacks