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This Week: November 28-December 2





Monday - Holidays - Las Posadas


Tuesday - Hatchet

          Holidays - Hannukah

Wednesday -  Hatchet
          Holidays - St. Lucia

Thursday - Hatchet
          Holidays - Diwali / La Befana

Friday - Hatchet
          Holidays - Kwanzaa
          Grinch Read Aloud



Monday - 


Tuesday - Verb Tenses


Wednesday - Spelling Past Tense Verbs


Thursday - 

Friday - 

For spelling, I use a program called Words Their Way.  After giving the students the pretest, I have placed them in groups.  We will practice all in class all five days and each group will test a different day of the week. Here is the list of test days with the group names as they were created by the students:


Tues. - Disco Owl Society

Wed. - Nobody's Pandas

Thu. - Blue Penguins


For a list of spelling words and a list of first names for who is in which group, click the link below or the Spelling Tab to the side:


Spelling Lists


Monday - Test Correction / Review

Tuesday - Equal Groups of Fraction


Wednesday Representation of Equal Groups of Fractions

Thursday - Patterns in Multiplication


Friday - Equal Groups of Non-Unit Fractions

 Science Homeroom 

Monday - Habitats Pamphlet

Tuesday - 

Wednesday -  

Thursday - Create a Plant

Friday -  Rotations


Monday - 

Tuesday - Prehistoric Art
          Calendar: October

Wednesday - Graph

         Juab County 

         4th Grade Activity

Thursday - Calendar: November

Friday - Rotations