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Next Week: 12/16-12/20





Monday - 

Tuesday - New Language (Reader's Journal)

Wednesday - 

Thursday - 

Friday - Holidays Around the World


Monday - Share Posters
               Prewrite Christmas as an Elf

Tuesday - Type Essay (Word)

Wednesday - The Verbs Has and Have
               Finish Typing / Format

Thursday - The Verb Can

               Share Essays

Friday - 

The students have taken a baseline
assessment and have been put into
groups as shown on the spelling tab. 
From now on, they will take their test
and be given the next lesson on the
days listed below:

Yellow Arrows - Tuesday

Green Owls - Wednesday

Red Pandas - Thursday


Monday - Benchmark Test

Tuesday - Equations with Multiple Operations

              Compare and Order

Wednesday -Equations with Multiple Operations

                Use Benchmark Fractions to Compare

Thursday - Quiz


Friday - Gradewide Auction and Swap Meet

 Science Homeroom 

Monday - Is Air There? Typing

Tuesday - Benchmark Standard 3

Wednesday - Specials

Thursday - Benchmark Standard 4

Friday - Gradewide Auction and Swap Meet


Monday - Finish Tribe Research / Computers

Tuesday - Create Tribe Poster

Wednesday - Specials

Thursday - Finish Tribe Posters

Friday - Ute Snacks