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March 14-21

March 15-22

March 16-23

Pattern: This week we will be adding the ion ending requiring some vowel alternations and spelling changes.

Pattern: This week we will be studying the suffixes -er, -est, -ier, and -iest.


Pattern: This week will be studying the r-influenced ‘a’ in accented syllables.

base -ai- -> -ation 

exclaim – exclamation

proclaim – proclamation

acclaim – acclamation

explain – explanation

reclaim – reclamation

base -e -> -ption

assume – assumption

presume - presumption

consume – consumption

resume – resumption

receive – reception

perceive - perception


braver – calmer

closer – stronger

cooler – hotter




bravest – calmest

closest – strongest

coolest – hottest



happier – easier

prettier – crazier



happiest – easiest

prettiest – craziest


1st ar

garden – market

carpet – harvest

marble – hardly

partner – pardon


1st long -a

airplane – parents

haircut – dairy

carry – careful

barely - fairy

2nd long -a

compare – aware

despair – repair

declare - beware



March 21-28

March 22-29

March 23-30

Pattern: This week we will be studying words with multiple alternations

Pattern: This week we will be studying the suffixes -ness, -ful, -less and a combination of those

Pattern: This week will be studying the r-influenced ‘o’ in accented syllables.

critic - critical - criticize

politics - political - politician

public - publicize - publicity

except - exception - exceptional

physics - physical - physicist

family - familiar - familiarity

nation - national - nationality

spirit - spiritual - spirituality


darkness - goodness

weakness - illness

kindness - happiness



graceful - colorful

faithful - thoughtful

painful - fearful

deadful - plentiful



homeless - hopeless

worthless - restless

penniless - harmless



carlessness - thankfulness

helplessness - peacefulness


morning - shorter - order

forest - corner - normal

forty - northern - border

corncob - chorus

florist - stormy


before - record - perform

ashore - report - explore

ignore - adore - inform





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